Project activities

Research phase
  • All partners will conduct research on type of job vacancies, potential new jobs and requirements for skills and qualification posed by employers in the following economic sectors – social work, administration and business services and potentially in other sectors where there is a significant demand for workforce.
  • All partners will organise focus groups workshops with participation from research organizations, social and economic partners, enterprises, labour offices, HR specialists, representatives of public authorities in the sphere of labour offices.
  • Based on the identified skill needs “The Top 10 most demanded skills and competencies” will be outlined by the partners.
Development phase
  • During the first year of the project the partners will develop the pilot JobAssist tool comprising:
    • A Handbook for unemployed
    • A Guide for trainers of unemployed
    • An Interactive software product
  • The partners will elaborate a specific module for basic course in English - providing training in basic grammar and daily & work vocabulary. The module will provide basic knowledge of English and will develop the language competence of the trained and improve their chances for finding a job.
  • Within the first year the partners will also develop an electronic platform of the project comprising all training materials as well as interactive platform with practical exercises, tools for self-assessment and a forum.
Testing phase
  • This phase will begin with a training of the trainers, conducted by ECQ. Each partner will send 2 trainers to 3-day training in Bulgaria. They will be trained in how to use JobAssist Guide and how to train the unemployed according to the project methodology.
  • Pilot courses with unemployed people from the project target group will be organized and conducted in each partner country (excluding Germany). The training courses will cover the training material in JobAssist tool and will comprise of 15 counseling sessions for 3 months. All course participants will receive a certificate validating their present and the acquired competencies.
  • After the training course, each partner will organise an evaluation workshop to collect feedback from the participants, to obtain their comments, remarks and suggestions for the practical use and application of JobAssist.
Final phase
  • Based on the results of the pilot course, the pilot versions will be adapted.
  • The final versions of the products will be translated into all partners' languages.
  • The Handbook for Unemployed and The Guide for Trainers of unemployed will be published by each partner into their national language.
  • The interactive software will be uploaded on project website and on DVDs for independent use.