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Better Employment Competencies through Individualized e-training - JobAssist

Project № 2013-1-PL1-LEO05-37926
Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

The project “Better Employment Competencies through Individualized e-training – JobAssist” is executed within the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme, measure Transfer of Innovations, funded by European Union.

The main aim of the project is to provide integrated support tailored for the most disadvantaged groups of unemployed in the context of global economic crisis (in particular unemployed under 25 years; over 45 years, people facing socioeconomic disadvantages) through development of an innovative integrated training tool in order to increase motivation and self-awareness, create incentives for acquiring the new skills demanded on the labour market, improve job competencies and thus promote efficient reintegration of jobseekers into employment.

JobAssist will be developed in close cooperation of 6 partners from 6 countries. The partnership includes the project promoter - AVSI (Poland); the initial project initiator - ECQ Ltd. (Bulgaria); a SME service provider and training center for unemployed Promimpresa (IT); an enterprise network specialised in training and work with unemployed FADE (SP), project support and competencies development institute - pro-Competence (DE) and an socially disadvantaged people training and rehabilitation center - STN (IS).