Promimpresa srl

Promimpresa srl  is a company which provides and promotes  services for enterprises. Our corporate headquarters is located in San Cataldo (CL) but we have other offices in Palermo, Bologna and Milan. Promimpresa clients are public entities, manufacturing companies and service companies operating in the field of public and private health. The full time staff of Promimpresa is composed of 25 employees.
Our services are:
  • Higher education for enterprises 
  • Higher education for unemployed people  (i.e. vocational education)
  • Recruitment
  • Online courses 
Our main purpose is supporting and assisting a company during its path of development, providing qualified assistance and monitoring of all activities.
Promimpresa offers  training for employees who  work  for private companies or local authorities and it can be on-demand (content, objectives and duration of the courses), all the details  are determined by the customer.     


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Promimpresa srl