Handbook for JobSeekers

The training tool for unemployed – Handbook for Jobseekers, is designed for people who are difficult to place in the labour market. Its aim is to support them in their self-study endeavours, with or without the help of counsellors. The Handbook for unemployed is developed in a modular fashion and includes the following learning modules:

  • Self-awareness
  • Opportunity-awareness
  • Goal Setting
  • Job searching skills I
  • Job searching skills II
  • Required skills and competences for new emerging professions in social work, administrative and business services sectors
  • Personal development
  • Electronic preparation of application documents
  • The Interview
  • First days on new work
  • Labour regulations and rights
  • Basic course in English

The Handbook for jobseekers is based upon:

1) raising awareness of the trainees about their knowledge, skills, personal strengths and interests;
2) building the ability of trainees to adjust their skills and competencies to the employers’ needs and develop their adequate skills and creative potential;
3) building job-finding competencies – job searching skills, applying for a job, going on an interview, underlying personal strengths;
4) providing knowledge in basic English in order to increase their employability.

This Handbook is available in electronic and printed version and is distributed free of charge.

You can download the Handbook for jobseekers here

You can download the Handbook pilot version here