Guide for trainers of JobSeekers

The Guide for trainers of jobseekers guides labour officers, trainers and consultants through the multiple elements of JobAssist training course in a modular fashion. It allows them to use the whole tool available or pick modules to integrate into an existing training approach. It contains instructions towards all modules included in the Handbook for unemployed. The trainer is free to add any material that is considered as useful according to his/her opinion and training approach.

The Guide for trainers of jobseekers is based upon:

1) raising awareness of the trainers about the specific needs of the unemployed target groups;
2) building the capacity of the trainers to work with unemployed from the target groups;
3) providing guidelines on ways for counseling on opportunities of different careers and employment prospects and on building job-finding competencies.

This Manual is available in electronic and printed version and is distributed free of charge.

You can download the Guide from the link below:

Guide for Trainers of Jobseekers