First project meeting in Rostock, Germany

The first meeting under the project was held on 26 to 29 January 2014 at Roststock, Germany. The meeting was hosted by the German project partner “Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development – ProKompetenz”.

During the first meeting the partners have presented their organisations and their fields of operations. The project coordinator has presented the project in details. The experts from ECQ Ltd. have presented afterwards the initial project – JobTool: the website, the manuals for unemployed and for labour officers incl. practical exercises and virtual interview.

On the afternoon session all partners have made presentations on the employment market in each country: economic sectors – social work, administration and business services” as well as statistic data about the unemployment rate and the available jobs in each country.

On the second day the partners have discussed the events and activities during the next six months of the project. They have discussed the way to organize and conduct the focus groups with the project target groups and stakeholders. How to prepare the national reports was also discussed. Afterwards, a work plan for the first sixth months has been elaborated and signed by all partners.