Second project meeting in Akureyri, Iceland

Second Project meeting took place in Akureyri, Iceland

The second meeting under the project was held on 03 to 04 July 2014 at Akureyri, Iceland. The meeting was hosted by the Icelandic project partner “Starfsendurhæfing Norðurlands (SN Rehabilitation center)”.

During the second meeting the partners have presented their “National Report on Job Vacancies and required skills” developed based on the gathered information during the focus groups organised by each partner in the spring months. These reports have provided up-to-date and concrete information and analyses on labour market demand in partner countries in the sectors: social work, administration and business services. Based on these reports, during the afternoon session, the partner have discussed the тop 10 most demanded skills and competencies that the further project actions will be focused on. Afterwards, the partners discussed the existing JobTool exercises i.e. which exercises to remain, which to be replaced and the new ones that will be necessary.

On the second day the partners have discussed the events and activities during the next six months of the project. Project interim reports 2 & 3 and the financial requirements have also been discussed. Afterwards, a work plan for the next sixth months has been elaborated and signed by all partners.