Fourth project meeting in San Cataldo, Italy

The fourth meeting under our JobAssist project was held on 06 – 07th July 2015 at the city of San Cataldo. The meeting was hosted by the Italian project partner Promimpresa srl.

During the meeting was shared information for all activities accomplished by the partners after the 3rd project meeting. All partners presented the progress of the JobAssist innovative training kit pilot testing in their countries – participants, organization of the event, feedback, etc. The results from the pilot testing in Poland, Spain and Italy were presented. Upcoming pilot testing in Bulgaria and Iceland were discussed as well. Brainstorming was conducted with the participation of all project partners for the future improvement of the project website.

During the second day the planning of the final project conference was discussed. All representatives of the consortium suggest ideas about the date, place, strict organization of the conference, partners’ presentations, agenda and many more details focused on the final event. The final conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland in the beginning of December 2015. Soon we will update and upload more news and details about the final JobAssist event here on our official project website, as well as on all partners’ corporate websites. At the end of the second working day, a work plan for the next months until the last project meeting in Poland has been elaborated and signed by all partners.

In addition to the work program a cultural program was organized. It included: an official visit to the Mayor of San Cataldo and city – center walking tour. On the afternoon the partners were given the opportunity to visit and explore the Valley of the Temples - archaeological site in Agrigento, which is one of the most outstanding examples of Greater Greece art and architecture, and is one of the main attractions of Sicily as well as a national monument of Italy.